Kevin D. HolderExecutive Director
Council of Probate Court
Judges of Georgia
Suite 300
244 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

The Council supports, informs, and speaks for Georgia’s probate court judges. This is a complex goal, since Georgia’s probate courts have varying responsibilities. All of our courts administer wills and estates, appoint and oversee guardians and conservators, and issue marriage and weapons carry licenses. In addition, some of our courts adjudicate traffic offenses and some hear misdemeanor cases. Others handle vital records. Some of our judges serve as their county’s supervisor of elections. While each probate court is fairly unique, we are a family of courts working diligently to serve our citizens.

On behalf of our many outstanding judges, I invite you to become familiar with our Council, this website and the information it provides.

Kind regards,

Judge Danielle McRae – Upson County Probate Court
President, Council of Probate Court Judges

Please note: The Council cannot give legal advice or guidance. If you have questions about a specific court proceeding, please contact the court where it is pending.